Commercial Janitorial services

We will professionally clean the offices by vacuuming the floor, dusting all surfaces or mopping it with a green cleaning product, and we will empty the trash bins. Our janitorial services leave the office work area so clean that it is noticeable to all technicians. We know that the employees prefer a clean working area. When the company management spends money to make the employee work area shine it stimulates the employees to work harder. Of course, if you have clients coming into the general work area it should be your 1st priority to keep it clean and shining. We can offer you professional office cleaning.

We are trained to make cleaning a bathroom a top priority. We clean behind the toilets and in the nooks where dirt piles up. If your office toilets have been neglected for a long period of time, we provide a special service to completely clean every area of the bathroom including getting the built up dirt out of every area. We also offer deodorizer for urinals and we apply a special cleaner for the floor below the urinals.

We have a crew that is trained to clean storage warehouse and manufacturing facilities, and we work with the manager or foreman that to get a complete list of the janitorial cleaning they want. Our company is also insured, licensed. We can show you why we are the best and why your property will look better than it has since it was built. Call us at (206) 486 5088 or (360) 820-0371 for a free estimate and discussion about what we can do for you.